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The Permit No. 127/GP-BVHTT
  Message of Saigon Port Director General

Saigon Port within the port system of the Vietnam Maritime sector is one the port having top throughput and productivity in the country.

With a long history of more than 150 years, by its outstanding achievement in supporting the country's economic development and was granted Hero of Labor award by the Chairman of the State for outstanding achievements from 1986 to 1995, thus contributing its part in building Socialism and protecting the Father Land.


With a large hinterland including Ho Chi Minh City and the adjacent provinces and the Mekong Delta areas totaling in more than 10 million tons annually , Saigon Port has an important role and challenging task in serving the import/export demand and economic development in general for the whole Southern part of the country.

Following the policies of the State and the sector, Saigon Port has been supported by the Authorities and community with favorable conditions for developing further and maintaining a more active role in the region and the world.

With this orientation, Saigon Port wishes to have full support and cooperation of our customers/user local and foreign for mutual benefits. The opinions and requirements of the customers are always the driving force for improvement and development of Saigon Port.

Yours sincerely,
Le Cong Minh

SAIGON PORT was opened on February 22nd, 1860, to April 1963 – after Nham Tuat Peace was approved by Napoleon III and Tu Duc King, Sai Gon Port was under the French colony time with the name of Saigon Commercial Port. The port is located mainly along Saigon river, 45 nautical miles (83 km) from the sea with the total area of 3,860,000 m2 and includes 5 areas:
- Ham Nghi area: 4 km along the right bank of Saigon river with 3 wharves for domestic vessels.
- Nha Rong area (old place): along Tau Hu river with 3 wharves for seagoing vessels.
- Khanh Hoi area: length of 1.25 km with 11 wharves for seagoing vessels.
- Fish-market area: 3 wharves and 2 berthing places.

From July 25th, 1975, Saigon Commercial Port was renamed SAIGON PORT under the Decision of the General Directorate of Transport and Communications. Saigon Port has a total area of 475,000 m2, 3 terminals with wharf lengths:
- Nha Rong terminal (428 m)
- Khanh Hoi terminal (1,264 m)
- Tan Thuan terminal (866.5 m)
and many mooring buoys along both sides of the river.

Through many phases of development, nowadays, Saigon Port is an international port, the main port in the Southern part of Vietnam. Total land area is around 500,000 m2 consisting of 5 terminals (Cruiships, Nha Rong Khanh Hoi, Tan Thuan I, Tan Thuan II and Phu My Steel Port) with 3,000 m of wharves, 280,000 m2 of open yards, and 30 buoys. Recently, Saigon Port has started providing container transshipment services successfully, paving the way for new phase of development for the Vietnam seaports in the process of international integration.
Sustainable development as the leading port of the country, the main shipping gateway of Vietnam to the region and the world.
- Improve the standards of services comparable with other ports in the region
- Develop and operate deep water terminals as the national strategic ports in the Southern part of Vietnam.
International Relations
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- Member of the Board of Directors of Asia and Ocean Asia region of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH).

- Member of the Vietnam Seaports Association (VPA)

- Main partner of VPA to participate in the activities of the ASEAN Ports Association (APA).

- Sister ports: Zhanjiang (the Republic of China), Osaka (Japan), Los Angeles (USA).

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Saigon Port's Tradition

With long history of development, Saigon Port has had recognized tradition of good performance and dedication to servicing the interest of the customers and hence the country economic development.

With its outstanding performance and effective contribution to the economic development of the country, Saigon Port was awarded by the Government as Hero of Labor.

The 5th. of June was chosen as the traditional day of Saigon Port. The date was chosen to memorize the same day in 1911 when, from Sai Gon Port, uncle Ho embarked a ship to overseas to find the way for the liberation of the country.

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