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The Permit No. 127/GP-BVHTT
VICONSHIP SAIGON: Parallels Vietnam's Economic Growth
Coming into being in the first year after the national reunification, the South Vietnam Container Shipping Joint Stock Company (Viconship Saigon) was one of the first companies permitted by the State to operate in container transportation, a new transportation method in Vietnam at that time.
The company has made impressive progres after nearly three decades of operation. Apart from transporting containers as in its first days, Viconship Saigon has expanded its business lines into a number of fields. The company acts as a maritime and aviation agent; operates international multi-modal and inland transportation services; acts as goods forwarder in aviation and sea routes; operates inland customs clearance ports and storehouses; functions as a marine broker and ship chandler; has loading equipment and transport vehicles for lease; and repairs and builds containers. The company also operates in labor export, office-for lease service, and associated services. Viconship Saigon now acts as an agent for two reputed shipping companies worldwide, the Senator Lines (Germany) and the Lloyd Triestino (Italy).

The company's general director Tran Hoa Binh comments that formerly Vietnamese companies often transported their goods on their own and so the economic efficiency remained low. Local companies got accustomed to working with goods forwarding agents over recent years, a favorable factor for businesses operating in the forwarding field.

Within the past four years, especially after the Enterprise Law came into effect, a growing number of companies from assorted economic sectors have participated in the marine service market, and act as shipping and marine forwarding agents. This is a real challenge for Viconship Saigon as well as other companies operating in the same field. However, with a team of young and professionally qualified staff the company remains confident in its ability to meet increasingly stringent requirements from customers.

After being equitized in 1999, Viconship Saigon has posted noteworthy achivements and become a strong enterprise in marine service field.

By Van Thinh - Vietnam Economic News - 18 May 2004

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