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The Permit No. 127/GP-BVHTT

The project is planned for implementation in an initial period of 2006-09. The Ministry of Communications and Transport has sought the Government permission to shorten procedures to start work sooner than expected, said deputy minister Tran Doan Tho.

The project is designed to have piers for container ships at Cai Mep section of Thi Vai River and piers for cargo ships at Thi Vai area along the river, both in Tan Thanh District.

The ministry has identified the project as an urgent infrastructure work, Tho told the Daily yesterday. "Cai Mep-Thi Vai Port system must be in place in end-2009 for phase one to replace inner-city ports along the Saigon River," Tho said.

"In addition, the southeastern region needs such a deep-water port for container ships or vessels of 40,000 to 80,000 tons to berth because all ports in HCMC?s inner-city areas can only receive ships of 30,000 tons or less," he said.

Another reason for the early start of the project is that phase one of the project will be funded with Japan?s official development assistance (ODA) capital and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) will disburse capital as from 2006. The ODA capital accounts for 85% of the total investment capital in phase one, estimated at VND4.7 trillion (US$295 million-plus).

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed an agreement with the transport ministry to provide US$7 million in gratis aid for formulating a detailed design for the project in March. The detailed design will be completed in October next year.

The port system, when in place in 2009 for phase one, will house two piers for general cargo ships and two others for container ships. Second phase will start after 2010 and include 10 piers with four for general cargo and six for container ships.

Under the plan of the ministry, Cai Mep-Thi Vai Port will also house Ba Son shipyard which is to be relocated from the inner-city area.

* The future Hiep Phuoc Port Complex along the Soai Rap River in HCMC?s Nha Be District will welcome developers of general ports rather than specialized ports, Vice Chairman Nguyen Van Dua said.

He said last week that he had sent this order to State administrative agencies and Saigon Port, which will build new ports in Hiep Phuoc next year to replace operational ports in HCMC?s inner-city areas.

HCMC wants to develop Hiep Phuoc into a complex of big ports for the city and Vietnam?s southeast as a whole. The complex is expected to help boost the development of relevant industries and services like ship building and warehouse, Dua said.

He also told the Service of Planning and Investment to support Tan Thuan Industry Development Co., the port complex project owner, in borrowing about VND100 billion to use as compensations in clearing 600 hectares of land for Hiep Phuoc Port Industrial Park. Part of the sum will also be used for dredging the Soai Rap River.

Source: By Song Nguyen - SGT-HCMC - 28 June 2004

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